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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Save your computer Security System

Save your computer Security System 

  1. Take care don’t spam in your email ID.
  2. Avoid Accept Offers of “Virus Scans” “Free PC Scans” “clean your system” also careful That Pop up When you are using Internet in your browsing for internet security.
  3. Avoid plug-in when USB drives or any external drive that you find lying around. Criminals can use them to steal your data or others file and folder.
  4. Turn off your auto run option USB flash drive’s and any external drive
  5. Avoid Let Spammers See Your “Out of Office” or any pending message Replies, see more about e-safety rules. 
  6. When read email don’t click the “unsubscribe” “remove link” or ”chick to spam” link at the CTA of unsolicited emails
  7. Don’t use or install unauthorized of software or don’t chick any .exe extinction.
  8. Protecting a computer virus safe computing behavior, maintenance some tips when use public computer.
  9. Always try to impotent file backup.
  10. Careful about your password, Don’t tell anybody your password, Choose a password that’s hard to crack
  11. Review your credit reports routinely or daily, when login your any credit account, don’t forget to logout.
  12. Here important tips that we should all keep in mind in order to protect our own system. There are a lot of hackers lurking around the web waiting to strike anytime so better be ready and capable of handling such scenario.
  13. Any email or notice or computer message, If you don’t understand say no and consult IT support. It’s easier to go back and say yes if you need to than be sorry and have to rebuild your machine. Or don’t chicks any message miss understanding.
  14. Award or Certificates online, If you don’t understand a website certificate message, say no and consult IT support. It is easier to go back and say yes if you need to than be sorry and have to rebuild your credit.
  15. Protection your PC use antivirus: Use an authorized antivirus or update timely. Does not slow your computer down nearly as much as a virus does.

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